March 2008 Update

So, what, we’re already going on 3 months of 2009?  January flew by without much of a fuss.  February was a big birthday month for us; Kevin, myself, Hannah, Joel, Aunt Joan and Aric all have birthdays in Feb.  We had a collective party, but mostly for Joel, at the Riverside Railroad Park where they have some hobbiests who have small ride on trains where the kids (adults too) can ride for free or Donation.

Stacy and I took a weekend off, away from the kids, and went to Big Bear to just be away together.  We had a wonderful and relaxing time.  In fact we had too much fun to bother taking pictures so, sorry, we don’t have any.

Bailey, we have discovered through the allergy elimination diet, is allergic to something in Albertsons Wheat Bread (We’re thinking, and almost sure it’s Wheat Gluten).  The good news is we found something, YAY!  The bad news is that there may be more and we have to first give Bailey steroids to get rid of the blisters, and then let the steroids dissapate before resuming the elimination diet.  In a few weeks we can start adding things one at a time (no wheat gluten though).  Then if all goes well and everything except wheat gluten is back in his diet, we can give him some for a couple of days to confirm that is indeed the problem.

Branden is playing Little League again this year, and is on the Majors Padres team for the Wildomar Little League.  There are 3 Majors teams in this league and they have to play teams from two other leagues.  The Padres are 0-2 so far with sadly lobsided losses.  We’re all hoping for improvement 😆

I signed up for a Facebook account and have gotten touch with quite a few long lost friends, some from Avalon Schools and some from Irvine, as well as some we haven’t lost touch with.  I’m enjoying seeing news from these people on a daily basis.

Happy March all.  Spring is nearly here and soon it’ll be hotter than we like, but between then and now we should enjoy the great weather.

I’m dreaming of a White almost Christmas

DSC00264Hello all and Merry Christmas.  We’re always hoping for a White Christmas but never actually expect one.

Unfortunately, this time we got one a week ahead of time.  We were returning from a Doctors appointment for Bailey and the rain was falling on our drive home over Ortega Highway.  Traffic was creeping up the hill which usually indicates an accident.  This time was no exception, but the cause of the accident was rare on this stretch of highway.

Usually, an accident is cleared within an hour so we decided to wait it out.  You see, to turn around and take the long way becomes a 3 hour tour.  So, waiting for an hour is almost always the better choice.  Now, I’ve driven this road every work day for 8 years+ now and I’ve never had to wait because of SNOW!!!

About 5:30 pm I noticed that the rain had turned to a mixture of Snow and Rain.  The snow wasn’t sticking to the road yet, and I was only a mile or so away from the top, elevation 2666 feet, so my elevation was around 2300 feet.  Amazing what a few hundred feet will do.  So, we kept waiting because occasionally the cars would move forward 10 car lengths or so.  Then as the snow kept piling up in the oncoming lane, it became dangerous to try and turn around and we were stuck.

Around 7:00 pm we noticed that some of the branches of the old oak trees lining the road were bending way down over the road, and a couple actually broke off and fell onto the roadway.  Now, Branden and I started looking up to see what was above us…  Yikes!

About 8:00 pm a pick up truck with a snow plow blade cleared the oncoming lane and I took the chance to turn around.  We got Stacy turned around too (She was following in her Jeep).  When we got to Antonio Pkwy, we found that the CHP had blocked East Bound traffic (Would have been nice if they told people that they anticipated a full closure around 6 when it was pretty obvious to them that they weren’t going to get it clear.  I was able to get on the CHP website from my cell phone and saw that multiple vehicles had spun out and were stuck, blocking the entire road.  Even the tow trucks couldn’t get there.Bailey in Ortega Snow

We stopped at Denny’s for dinner and took the long way around 9:00 pm.  Got home around 10:40 pm.  The road was still closed on my way to work and eventually opened at 9:40 am.  It was an interesting adventure for us and the kids.  At least we had cell phone coverage and were able to talk to each other 🙂

Here’s a picture of Bailey standing in the snow the next day at the top of Ortega.

15th Anniversary Cruise to Ensenada

DSC00088Stacy and I decided that since we enjoyed our 10th Anniversary Cruise to Ensenada we should repeat the trip for our 15th.  We were not disappointed.  We enjoyed our cruise very much, unfortunately for those of you who want the juicy details of all the marvelous things we did on our cruise, you will be disappointed.  We did very little but relax and enjoy the absense of our stresses.  No kids (at least not ours), no work, no agenda.  But since I don’t want to leave the readers with nothing, here’s a summary.

The first night out of port, we had a nice dinner in the Seaview Lounge and watched the sunset.  Then we took in a couple of shows including a Midnight Comedy show (R Rated) and had drinks.  This was lots of fun for us, but not very interesting for you.DSC00095

We arrived in Ensenada before waking on Saturday and we got ready, had some breakfast, and went ashore.  We wandered around the main street tourist area dodging children selling chicle and street vendors selling “Your name on a grain of rice”.  Why anyone would want their name on a grain of rice is beyond me.  “Hey everybody, look!  I got my name written here on this grain of rice.  Isn’t it marvelous?”  It must not be very difficult to do either, since a full half of the street vendors were doing it.

We shopped at the Hussongs clothing store and I bought a pair of shorts and a tee.  Stacy bought a couple tee’s.  Stacy also bought a “silver” anklet at one of the little shops from a guy who said it was his “First sale”.  Uh, huh.  Not fooled for a moment, and we know it’s not really silver, but we played along.

We had a couple of margaritas and some chips at “Los Amigos” on the sidewalk seating.  Chips were too hard, and Stacy’s strawberry margarita was too strawberry and sweet.

DSC00104We wandered back to the ship and enjoyed the rest of the day on deck where Stacy got sunburnt despite having put lots of sunblock on, and where I stayed in the shade despite putting loads of sunblock on.

We went to the second Midnight Comedy show (Different comedian) and had drinks and laughed.

The day at sea we spent wandering around the ship just enjoying each other and eating and drinking, drinking and eating.  We stopped in at a couple more shows and just relaxed.  One bit of excitement happened when a Coast Guard helicopter had to airlift a medical emergency passenger off.

DSC00154We had to rise early on Monday as we had to get off the boat starting at 6:45.  Thanks for your money no get off!!!  We waited in line at Customs and showed our passports, answered a few questions to determine we were who we said.  “What is your birthdate?”, “What city do you live in?” and like that.  Good thing I have those memorized huh?

Back at the house, we discovered that the kids and pets were still alive with no broken bones or anything.  Thanks Mamu and Michelle!

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