Birthdays and Halloween

I know this is late in coming, but I had problems with the website that have resolved themselves. So the kids big birthday party was a combined party at a local park on October 20th. We had 3 birthdays celebrated on this day. Bailey’s was September 28th and he is 6 years old now, Michelle’s was September 29th and she is 15, and Branden’s was October 29th and he is now 11. Happy Birthday to all of you.

We had a pirate theme to the party and I appeared as Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. Stacy dressed up as a pirate wench and the kids all had scarves or hats to wear. They played games and we all ate well and had cake. It was a warm and windy day which played havoc with the decorations. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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Branden’s Last Day in 3rd Grade

Branden made Honor Roll for the 3rd straight trimester.¬†DSC00004CONGRATULATIONS BRANDEN! I’m so proud of your accomplishment, keep up the good work. Branden’s last couple of weeks at school were great fun, he got to go to a Museum and to LegoLand with his class. There was a class play¬†DSC00001where they acted out some oldies songs. Stacy got some pictures and movies of the production. They had McDonalds cheesburgers brought in for lunch one day and the last day must have just been a party as there were snacks everywhere.

I missed his awards ceremony as I had to work (2:00 is just the wrong time for a working parent to be able to attend). Stacy took pictures of the awards too. Look for pictures in the Gallery soon!


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