A few days before Christmas

It’s a few days before Christmas and all through our home,
“How long ’till Christmas?” our kids they do moan.
The stockings are hung on the mantle it’s true,
the fire is off and closed is the flue.
The kids are all antsy and running around
while visions of video games, in their heads, do abound.
Mamma going shopping, me on the notebook,
I am blogging for all to have good a look.
When out in the street there came a big noise,
’twas big kids on minibikes, kids and their toys.
I sprang from the couch stubbed my toe on the table,
would have chased after them but found I wasn’t able.
So I opened the door and stood on the mat.

The grass was well groomed, trimmings in the green can,
with the mower Branden groomed and helped out his old man.
The smell of 2 stroke engines assaulted my nose,
while the sound of them faded where once they had rose.
The kids were much older, a reckless driving attack,
I knew in a moment that they would be back.
They rode really fast knocking over the trash,
not a care in the world or thought of a crash.
Hey Johnny, hey Carlos, ’sup Frankie, ’sup Joe,
let’s hit the next block, come on, let’s go!
We’ll trash all the yards, do donuts on lawns
we’ll rip up the reindeer, run over the fawns.
Now here I must pause, as no more could I see,
I closed my front door and pondered my tree.

My kids were good boys, they’ve been good all the year,
and gifts they will get lots of gifts do you hear?
Santa will come in the quiet dark of the night,
he’ll come down the chimney and the tree he will light.
By the glow of the tree he’ll get straight to his task,
he’ll leave all their toys and then what you may ask.
He’ll eat the cookies and milk that Bailey has left,
to replenish his strength, his spirit, his heft.
While he eats and he drinks he admires his work
and chuckles and smiles with just a hint of a smirk.
As he ponders his big day and the years culmination
he sits and he wonders what to do on vacation.

For he’s got some time coming after all the toiling,
his muscles are sore and his bunions are boiling.
The time is now fleeting, back to work he must go,
the reindeer are a waiting ho ho, ho ho ho.
He zooms up the chimney and gets into his sleigh
and in the blink of an eye they’re off, they’re away.
The next family on his list with his toys he will see,
and presents will he leave, for the kids, by the tree.
Again and again the scene it will play,
’till the gifts are all gone and it’s dawn the next day.

He’ll head off to the pole, the workshop and his elves,
the reindeer will be fed and have time to themselves.
He’ll thank everyone for a job that’s well done
and they’ll head off to bed and rest their tired bones.
And Santa will head off to his suite to share
with Mrs Claus all the tales from his feat through the air.
He went round the world and all in one day,
and gave the kids joy and games with to play.
Now a gift for Mrs. Claus, and one thing left to do,
say “Happy Christmas to all and good-night to all of you.”

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