Howard Memorial

Grandpa Allen was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in January of 2003. He was originally diagnosed with an ulcer in October of 2002 then after some testing; a tumor was discovered in one of his kidneys. This was quite a shock since Grandpa had been very healthy all his life.

After some more testing it was discovered that Grandpa actually had pancreatic cancer and that it had spread to his lungs, stomach, kidneys and bone. Once again the family was shocked and we all had a big dose of reality to make peace with. Grandpa started an aggressive regimen of chemo, which had a promising effect on the cancer numbers for a few months.

Unfortunately it never made him feel better and ultimately never beat the cancer.We are all saddened to have to say goodbye to this wonderful man: Father, Grandfather, Husband and Friend. Howard Allen passed away in his sleep just after midnight Wednesday, September 10th 2003.

I would like to create a Howard Allen tribute page on this web site. Please send me your memories of Howard Allen, father, grandfather, teacher and friend. I will post these memories here along with pictures and a brief history of his life. Send to with the subject line “Memories of Howard”.