Bailey almost 3

Bailey is almost 3 years old now and continues getting into things. He still hangs on to mom way too much and fusses and wines to get his way. Typical I guess for a 2 year old. He is a totally different boy when he is alone with dad. The kid knows what he can and can’t get away with depending on who’s there.

Bailey is continuing to struggle with growing up. He knows he isn’t supposed to do bad things, like coloring on everything but paper. But he doesn’t have the capacity for restraint. He can’t seem to help from doing the very things we’ve told him not to do. He continues to cry over everything (Thinking, somehow, that will help the situation). His mood swings are pronounced, laughing happily one moment and kicking and screaming an instant later.

If his mom and I seem irratible, well, now you know why.

Branden almost 8

Branden spends much of his free time playing in the backyard, playing video games, or playing with Bailey or just let him hang out with him in his room.

Branden is starting to really want his privacy (Especially away from Bailey). I do my best to help him be able to spend time alone, but I add responsibility as a condition of his increased privacy, including cleaning his room and helping take care of Bailey.

Branden’s second grade school year is off and running, and he is getting used to his new teacher and new friends. It seems like he doesn’t have as much homework, but it is a bit harder now.

Branden is reading quite well, though he is still reading words as opposed to reading whole phrases, so when listening to him it is difficult to actually follow the story. I’m sure he doesn’t have much story comprehension because he is concentrating so hard on each word. This will improve as he starts to recognize phrases.

Branden was supposed to start Winter Ball at his Little League, but we haven’t received any phone calls from the leage and no return calls on our queries. Though they cashed our check!!! I don’t want to have to get all pissy about it, but if we don’t hear from them soon I’m going to.

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