About Stacy

Stacy grew up in El Toro, California and I grew up on Catalina Island, California. We met while we were both attending Irvine Valley College.

I was the assistant coach on the Irvine Valley Women’s Softball Team and she was the shortstop. Just after the season ended we started dating and then about a year later we were married.

We moved to Colorado in 1995. Branden was born in Aurora, Colorado in 1996 and we moved back to California in 1997. Bailey was born in Laguna Hills, California in 2001.

Stacy works from home in the Travel Industry and I work in Aliso Viejo in the Tech Industry.

Branden turns 8 in a couple months and will start Second Grade next week. He can’t wait to get started. We signed Branden up for Fall Baseball to develop some more skills before the Spring Little League season starts.

Bailey is almost 3 years old now and gets into everything. He has been banned from having Crayons, Pens and Pencils as he has decorated enough of the house already. He runs around all day driving his mother crazy. He likes to talk and sing. His vocabulary is growing steadily and he mimics us all the time.

With a 8 year old and a 3 year old who gets into everything he can, you can probably imagine, we are extremely busy!

Forty and a half

I’m halfway through my 40th year now and looking forward toward the second half of the year. The kids’ birthdays are upon us, Bailey’s first at the end of September and Branden’s next at the end of October. I’m beginning to think that people have children so we can have excuses to get together throughout the year.

Stacy and I are having our 11th wedding anniversary this month and we’re looking forward to a day trip to Catalina and spending the day together without the kids.

My brother Kevin returned safely from his Missionary trip to Cambodia where he ate strange food and saw unfamiliar customs and helped to build a church. I’m sure the experience was one that he will never forget and I hope he will look back on it with fond memories, happy that he was able to go somewhere not many people go.

Christmas is coming soon as well as the nearby birthdays. Time to consider shopping early

Pismo Beach

pismobeachWe trailered up to Pismo Beach for 3 nights of camping. The kids had a great time. They played in the campground and we walked around the Pismo Pier. We had barbequed breakfast, lunch and dinner but I picked up Pizza one night and we had iHop breakfast one day and on the way home. Chinook behaved well and enjoyed morning walks on the beach. The train tracks that run the length of the state coastline were about 50 short feet away. Freight trains are long aren’t they?pismobeach2

Angels Spring Training 2004

P1010012Angels Spring Training in Arizona We pulled the trailer to a park just west of Tempe and stayed the weekend. We watched the Angels play the Mariners and lose badly We had a great time though, camping, barbecuing and playing with the kids. The actual drive was uneventful and the trailer pulled nicely on the freeway. The truck got quite a workout pulling up the hills through the desert. We stopped both ways in Blythe for lunch and a stretch. Chinook came with us too and is none the worse for wear.

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